The relationship of Christians to culture is the singular current crisis point for the church. While God never changes, culture constantly changes. THINK is a local and casual discussion on better understanding, communicating, discerning, and engaging culture as a Christian.

Every other Sunday night, around 40 Christian professionals meet on Capitol Hill to have a guided town hall format discussion on critical cultural topics and their intersection with the Christian faith. 

Topics so far in 2021 have included:

  • The Church & Reproductive Technology (IVF, Designer Babies, Infertility, Abortion)

  • The Church & Race (Race in America, Systemic vs Individual Racism, Policy)

  • The Church & Human Sexuality (LGBTQ, Marriage)

  • The Church & Gender (Gender Dysphoria, Transgender, Gender Roles)

  • The Church & Cancel Culture (Social Media, Scandal, and Grace)

  • The Church & Christian Nationalism (Christian Nationalism, Patriotisms & Power)

If you interested in learning more about THINK, please check our calendar for dates and contact us about attending and the topic and format of the night. We do not include study guides or material on this website.  


Day: Sunday's

Time: 10:30 AM

Sunday Location410 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Church Mailing Address: 1550 7th St NW #222

Washington DC 20001

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