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Every semester, our city welcomes young leaders from around the world who are ready to learn and make a difference in the world. King's Collective is semester-focused (Fall, Spring, or summer) way for young leaders and interns in Washington D.C. to grow their faith, meet other Christians, and develop a better understanding of the interaction between their faith and work. We host Bible studies, panel discussions, and social events to ensure that interns get the most out of their time in D.C., growing not only in their chosen fields, but also in their faith. 

Fall 2023 Dates:

You can jump in at any time, but here are the important dates for Summer:


September 10: Nats Game

September 16: Kickoff

September 21: Bible Study

September 22: Bible Study (Hill)
September 28: Bible Study
October 5: Chapel
October 6: Bible Study (Hill)
October 12: Bible Study

October 13: Bible Study (Hill)
October 19: Bible Study
October 26: Career Panel

October 27: Bible Study (Hill)

November 2: Chapel
November 9: Bible Study

November 10: Bible Study (Hill)
November 16: Thanksgiving

November 30: Bible Study

December 1: Bible Study (Hill)

December 7: Chapel

Join our GroupMe to stay up to date on events and get connected!


Brad Robertson: 616-401-3640

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