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We are a newer church with an old message. While we work hard to see the Gospel applied in our lives and culture today, we also cherish the fellowship we have with Christians that have gone before us. In each service, we sing songs of worship, meet and greet one another, listen to a sermon from the Bible, and take part in communion. There's no need to dress up. Kids and babies are more than welcome. Here's an overview of what you will experience at King's Church:

SERMONWe typically teach 30-minute messages on a chapter of the Bible each week. We aim to point to Jesus in every message and apply the truths of the Bible to our lives practically and thoughtfully.
MUSIC: You can expect a mix of modern and ancient songs. Our music is biblically faithful and full of praise to God.
COMMUNION: We take the Lord’s Supper every Sunday in order to remember Christ’s atoning death and our identity as members of one body. This is also a time for repentance and renewal.
PEOPLE: We desire to be a safe haven for lots of different people. We pray you would get a glimpse of God's kingdom to come!
CHILD CARE: We welcome children to worship with us and childcare is also available for children up to the end of 4th grade.
RELATIONSHIPS: People still intuitively want deeper friendships and relationships. We strongly prioritize for real friendships and true companionship. 
GIVING: Giving is an important part of worship. We encourage all giving to be done online. If you are a visitor to King's Church, we do not expect you to give. We are simply glad to have you join us.
DRESS: Dress tends to be business casual but please come as you are!
PRAYER: We seek God's peace, unity, and strength in Christ together. You will discover at our service an environment of prayer as leaders will often pray before, during, and after the service
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