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Merge is an 8-week class that meets in homes for seriously dating and engaged couples to discuss topics such as communication and conflict, finances, sexual intimacy, in-laws, and expectations. Couples are led by a married mentor couple and go through the class with other participating couples in the same stage of life. Merge provides the ideal opportunity for you and your significant other to process next steps in your relationship in the context of small group.

Tentative Schedule (Choose one):

MARCH - APRIL (Cohort #1) -  0/4 Couples Full (Washington, DC)

MAY - JUNE (Cohort #2) -  0/4 Couples (Alexandria, VA)

JULY - AUGUST (Cohort #3) - 0/4 Couples (Washington, DC)

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER (Cohort #4) - 0/4 Couples (Arlington, VA)

If you are interested, please email the church at


Please be sure to check back here for more information as details are still forthcoming!

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