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The Gospel

The gospel is amazingly good news—it’s about what God has done through Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that all people, everywhere, have turned away from God and are under His judgment. But here’s the incredible part: even though we deserve judgment because of our sins, God loves us deeply. The gospel tells us what God has done in His love through Jesus Christ, especially through His death on the cross and His resurrection, to deal with our sins and bring us back to Him.

When Jesus died on the cross, He took on our sins. He took the punishment we deserved, turned away God’s judgment from us, and wiped out our sins. He heals the broken parts of our lives, fixes our messed-up relationships, and gives us a new life. This new life is a gift from God, and we receive it by believing in Jesus, turning away from our sins, and following Him as our Lord with joy.

The gospel is indeed good news—the good news of what God has done in Jesus Christ.

One day, Jesus will make everything new. This good news will reach its peak when there is a new heaven and a new earth where there’s no more sin or suffering, and we will be with God forever in our new, perfect bodies.

This gospel is simple enough for a child to understand but so deep that we can spend our whole lives exploring and experiencing its depths. There is only one true gospel, and it is vital to grasp it correctly. Knowing the authentic gospel helps us recognize and reject false and distorted versions that may arise.

Some people think the gospel is just about getting forgiven for our sins and going to heaven. Others think it’s about how God will one day fix everything in the world. Both are true and important. When Paul talks about the gospel, he often focuses on the message that we must believe to be saved—that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. But the gospel also includes the bigger picture of God’s plan to renew the whole world through Jesus.

The apostle Paul, who wrote a lot of the New Testament, described it as "the gospel of God … concerning His Son" (Romans 1:1-3). This means the gospel comes from God and is all about Jesus. The gospel shows us how we can know Jesus as our Savior, who rescues us from sin, and as our Lord, who leads our lives.

To share this good news, we tell others to "Be reconciled to God!" by turning away from their sins, asking for His forgiveness, and trusting in Jesus. By doing this, they can experience the amazing love and grace of God in their lives too. This gospel message changes everything—it changes our hearts, our relationships, and eventually, the entire world.

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