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What is a Christian? 

A Christian is any person who actually believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel means "good news" and here's why:

If we're honest, we all try to find meaning in our careers, family, accomplishments, and uniqueness. Yet, most of us never address our deep personal existence questions or believe religion can offer us any hope. Is there a greater source by which we can find meaning? Could it have been under our noses all this time?

In Christianity, it is presented and presumed that humanity is wandering from God. The result of this straying is that human beings are fractured and disordered within as their security and identity have been displaced. We believe this is a correct assessment of the modern human condition. We know we are imperfect. We cannot seem to fix ourselves. It takes a lot of honesty and reflection, but we know we have a deep longing for security and identity.


The gospel is that God has come to save us. To do that he became a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who lived an ordinary life, distinct in the fact that he never did anything wrong. He lived a model life before God, and having done so, he transfers all of this unique moral beauty and authentic righteousness to those who trust in him by faith.

In addition to his perfect life, Jesus went further, and willingly took the punishment that was due to us for our indifference and sin towards God. The New Testament declares:“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23).


While Jesus died on the cross, he also rose from the dead, demonstrating that death had no hold on him or on any who entrust their lives to him. He offers a renewed life for all those who turn from exclusive trust in themselves to a supreme trust in his name.

Christians are those who have in this way trusted in Jesus Christ. They are those who have found the source of meaning as they are now restored to God. The goodness of a strong career, family, accomplishments, and personal uniqueness are not lost, but amplified with true perspective and balance.

Being a Christian doesn't depend on our own efforts or even our own strength. This is not about self-righteousness or moral superiority. It is not the quality of our faith that saves us, but the quality of the One in whom we put our faith: Jesus Christ. 

If you are interested in dialoguing more about the Christian faith, please contact us as and we would be honored to meet you or direct you to more resources.

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