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King’s Church Worship Gatherings 


1. MANDATORY RSVP: Each week we are requesting that you RSVP through a sign up which will be located on your King’s Weekly email to let us know of your attendance. We will need to know in advance how many people are attending each service to remain within the mass gathering numbers of Phase 2.


2. IF YOU ARE SICK: If you or any member of your family have been sick with a fever or any of the other symptoms the CDC has associated with COVID-19, please refrain from attending for at least 14 days. Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms during a service will be kindly asked to leave.


3. FACE COVERINGS: Upon entering the building you need to wear a face covering. We encourage that you keep the face covering on upon entering the building, moving about in the building and exiting the building. Once socially-distanced-friendly-seated and situated, however, you may remove your face covering while participating in the service. Those on the stage leading in the service will not be wearing face coverings while on the stage. Face covering requirements are still in place for grocery stores, public transit and anywhere where social distance cannot be maintained. In indoor restaurants and churches like ours where social distance can be maintained, face coverings while situated are not mandated. Like permitted indoor restaurant seating, if we are unable to maintain social distancing requirements due to increased attendance, we will require face coverings. If you forget one, we will have some located upon entry in the lobby. 


4. SEATING: The seats will remain three feet apart with some seats grouped together to accommodate for households. Please do not move the seats and do your best to maintain social distancing during worship


5. GREETINGS: As much as we love each other, we encourage you to remain at least three feet from all individuals not in your household while in the building. Please refrain from hugs, hand shakes, and fist bumps while greeting one another. 


6. SANITATION: We will have a team of volunteers wiping down and sanitizing all seating, doors, and bathrooms before and after the service to maintain a clean and disinfected environment. We will also have hand sanitizer in bathrooms and common areas for your convenience. 


7. VENTILATION: Doorways inside the building will remain open to increase ventilation as well as limit frequently touched door handles. 


8. BULLETINS, THE LORD’S SUPPER, REFRESHMENTS: Bulletins and Lord’s Supper elements (pre-packaged juice/bread) will be placed in advance at every available seat to avoid contact with multiple people. We will not be serving coffee or donuts for the foreseeable future. 


9. CHILDCARE: Childcare will be provided for children under the age of five on the second floor.

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