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To be a member of a church is to make a public promise to live according to the Word and support the work of the congregation. The Bible calls this a covenant. When we think about the church as an organism, every believer is part of it (the Spiritual Body of Christ). But, only by a public promise can someone be part of the church as an organization. A public promise, or covenant, is the basis for all society according to the Bible — marriage, employment, citizenship and church membership are all relationships of accountability.

Membership in a church is not like membership in a social club or other organization. Most organization members are consumers — the organization exists to serve them. The church of Christ is a completely different community — membership means ministry and service, going from being a consumer to becoming a provider of God’s love and care to others. At King's, we take seriously that we are a church not for ourselves, but for others.

The Membership Process

There are three steps to becoming a member at King's Church:

Step 1: Attend Membership Class
In this class you will learn about the history, vision, values, and beliefs of King's Church, acquaint yourself with its ministries and opportunities, and have a conversation with a pastor and other congregants on questions you may have about the church or Christian community. These classes are every other Sunday night in Capitol Hill.

Step 2: Membership Interview
Meet with a pastor (60 to 75 minutes) for your membership interview. We will work with you to schedule an appointment. You will need to complete steps one individually to move on to step three.

Step 3: Membership Presentation
Upon approval, be presented publicly for membership at a worship service. If you have not been baptized before, your baptism will be scheduled for the same service.

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